At different times of year we accept various items on trade toward our training programs and sporting equipment. We’re not a pawn shop and we don’t do consignment. However we know that facilitating used gear from experienced hands to new hands helps everyone.

How it works: Call and tell us what you have. If we’re interested you can bring it in and we’ll let you know what we think we can get for it. We’ll give you about half that value towards training and or gear. Example — you have an old pair of fins and you want new ones. You let us know we exchange a few photos and you bring the old pair in. If we think they are worth $30, we’ll offer you $15 because we need to be able to sell them and we might not be able to. The fins will either go into our rentals and of sales inventory. You’ll get an extra $15 off your new fins and you didn’t have to struggle for 6 weeks trying to sell used fins on kijiji and eventually selling them to an older lady named Roberta for $10 who is buying them for her granddaughter Shiquon. Meanwhile Shiquon really just wanted a sweater and a new itunes card, you start to hate all the kijiji and facebook marketplace shoppers who really just need to stop using the “Hey, Im interested” button as click bait, Roberta is disappointed because she knows Shiquon is disappointed, and for us … we just sold out of that type of fin 3 weeks ago.

Now Accepting: Cross Country Ski Gear, Snow boarding gear, windsurfing gear, Scuba Gear.