Discover Snorkeling / Intro to Freediving




This 2 hour pool session is a great introduction to snorkeling. I’ve been snorkeling in a variety of locations all across the western hemisphere and have seen lots of people snorkeling and freediving … badly. Come have some fun with us and let us help you enjoy your upcoming winter holiday just a little bit more. We’ll play some games, teach you to work more intuitively with your mask and snorkel, show you how to use your fins in different ways and help you love the water just a little bit more. During this session we also will do some basic swim testing (in a fun way) so that if anyone wants to go into our scuba programs; they are already fast tracked and ready to make the most of their scuba days with us. Finally during the last 30 minutes of the session those who want to (and who are medically able) can try a bit of scuba if you want or work on more advanced breath holding techniques.  $40. Sign up with a friend and get a 25% discount. Student discounts are also available.



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