Marine Science Institute

The Marine Science Institute is a evening and weekend program for youth from ages 15 -17 years. It is intended to build waterskills, scientific understanding and ecological stewardship. Participants will work to further their understanding of PADI dive skills at their level in a progression that they are comfortable with. Students working with us for multiple years will be ready to work in the adventure tourism industry. They will also be quite prepared to pursue further studies in Marine Biology should they choose to. Dive certifications are awarded as the skill and knowledge components are successfully met. It would be common for youth divers to finish up to their rescue diver certification and have 2 or 3 specialty certifications also. While studying diving and free diving students also learn skills related to kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.

In addition to the excitement of the water component there is also a science component. Students study Marine Biology and Limnology and we do our best to relate topics into a way that will help them in their high school science programs.

Our credentials are extensive. Apart from being Instructors for PADI and Paddle Canada, we are also 4 certified school teachers on staff who also have extensive science backgrounds and science degrees and or B. Ed. and M. Ed. Degrees. We’ve been handling programming for large and small groups of children and youth for many years.

Our goal is simple — we want to create generations of well skilled environmentally savy divers who comfortably explore our watery awesome planet and make things better as they go. If we happen to help prepare a few marine biologists, underwater welders, and entrepreneurs along the way … that’s cool too!

Participants have 2 90 minute class sessions and 2 3hour pool sessions each month. In addition to these they will also have open water sessions and evening and weekend short field trips. We want the parents involved so there are also family camp and trip opportunities available. Basic cost is $200 / month.