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Mountain Tide Aquatics is dedicated to Environmental Improvement Efforts. Our efforts are local and small but we believe that there is power in an idea and that if a good idea is borrowed and modified that many small local efforts when accumulated across a planet can make a larger difference.


Our efforts focus on three main ideas.

  1. If industries were designed specifically to use waste instead of producing it, there would be less waste, fewer landfills, better land, lower energy needs and a healthier planet.
  2. The ability of individuals and families to grow more of their own food using simple organic means will result in a healthier, more self-sufficient population as well as fewer pesticides and fertilizers entering the water cycle.
  3. Never throw out what you can recycle. Never recycle what you can re-engineer. Never re-engineer what you can reuse.


So what do we actually do? Subscribe to our newsletter and find out. If our efforts give you a great environmental idea…run with it. Let us know about it. We’ll put it in our newsletter.



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