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If you like to ride, then check out our boards. If you like long boarding and like riding wide-open terrain, then check out Flexboardz. We carry all three models.


If water is your thing, we produce our own boards in house.

Wind and Whitewater SUP

This SUP has been designed specifically to ride through whitewater down a river or in huge whitecaps on your favorite windy lake. We make our boards shorter than normal to allow for white cap surfing. Our center slot design allows for the addition of knee seats for better carving torque in waves.

  •             WW 7
  •             WW 8


Knee Carver

The knee carver is a combination of a kneeboard, whitewater kayak and surfboard all rolled into one. It’s 7’ length and huge rocker make it both agile and stable. The twin tip design and bottom contour allows for carving and stunts both forward and backward.


Skims / Wakeskates

We make three styles of skimboards in two shapes With a variety of colors and artwork. All of our boards are designed to be used as a skimboard or to pull behing your boat as a wakeskate. A few very talented individuals have even tride wake surfing with the contoured bottom models. The swallowtail models are easier to learn on and the Anacondas are better for tricks.


No Foam

These skims are made from Fir plywood. They are carefully, cut , warped, shaped, stained and then painted. Finally each board is sealed with 3 layers of marine varnish.


Float Top

For those who want a slightly mor buoyant board, we have added a half inch of polystyrene to the top layer of our fir core, and after shaping, each board is wrapped in fiberglass and epoxy.


Contour bottom

The float top boards still have a flat bottom with only a slight rocker. The contour botto boards add a half inch of foam down the middle of the boltom and a full inch along the sides. The bottom is then shapped to allow for better carving or directional planning. These boards are also excellent for body surfing. They are a good skim for adults or slightly deeper water where increased buoyancy is a must.


            No Foam                                             $80

            Float Top                                             $150

            Contour Bottom                                  $280


            No Foam                                             $80

            Float Top                                             $180

            Contour Bottom                                  $320


We also rent a variety of SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards) from various manufacturers. See our rental page.



406 Cove Rd. Chestermere AB