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MTA Snorkeling / Introduction to Freediving

This 2-part pool program is aimed at improving your basic snorkeling skills. The main goal of part 1 is to get snorkellers off the surface and down to the bottom. Part 2 focuses on staying at the bottom longer and using specialized equipment.

Part 1:

Pool Session:

Mask Clearing

Snorkel clearing

Equalizing your ears and sinuses.

5 kicks

Surface diving


Breathe Holding



Part 2:

Varied Masks and Snorkels

Vests and Weights

Free Diving Fins

Exposure Suits


Working on your Dolphin Kick


Slurp Guns


Extending Your Bottom Time

Free Dive Computers




PADI Open Water Course

Open Water (Pool and Theory) $300

Open Water Dives $300

Drysuit Rental and Training for Open Water Course (optional) $150


PADI Advanced Open Water and Specialty Courses

Manual, Certification Fees, and knowledge Sessions  $150

Adventure / Training Dives Available Thurs – Sat     $80 / dive + Gear Rentals


Bulk Purchase of Adventure Dives

6 Dives $360

10 Dives $500

20 Dives $900


Rescue Diver / Divemaster Programs

Contact Us for Pricing and Details



MTA is a dealer for TUSA , Oceaner, BARE, and Suunto.

Order by phone or email.



New Specials

Sea Hornet Sabre Spear guns $195

TUSA Powerview Mask $70

Pelican 2680 HeadsUP Lite Recoil LED $48


Used Special            

BARE coldwater wetsuits. 7mm various sizes available. John / Jane + Jacket. $40/ piece



Local Diving

We are always diving somewhere local. Come join us! We dive almost every Thursday, - Saturday.  Some people at the dives will be doing training and some will be diving just for fun.  We need to know who is coming so please let us know at least 2 days in advance.  If you’ll be renting gear or need air let us know. In most cases we will have it for you on location. 





406 Cove Rd. Chestermere AB